Maintaining and Protecting Your Motorcycle Helmet

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Maintaining Your Helmet
Use the following instructions and guidelines to maintain your motorcycle helmet. This includes HJC, Shoei, KBC, Cirus, Cyber, Nolan, Skid Lids, Suomy, Fox Racing, Oneal, Troy Lee Designs, Thor MX and our entire line of helmets.

Motorcycle DOT and Snell rated helmets are designed to provide safe and comfortable rides for many years. To keep your helmet looking new and feeling comfortable, it is recommended that you follow these guidelines when cleaning your helmet. Please remember that your helmet is constructed of a variety of materials, so it is important to clean the various pieces in a manner to suit the given material.

The Outer Shell:
Only commonly available helmet or plastic cleaning products should be used to clean the exterior surface of your helmet. Automotive wax can be applied to protect the paint finish, but other harsh chemical should be avoided to keep from damaging the high-gloss finish.

Plastic Parts (including the shield)
Plastic parts should not be cleaned with anything containing solvents, including petrochemicals, as these agents are absorbed by the plastic material and may cause them to deteriorate and weaken over time. Acid or alkaline based corrosive cleaning agents, such as window cleaners containing ammonia, should also be avoided. The shield should only be cleaned using a soft cloth or a cotton swab with cool water.

Comfort liner
Removable padding should be removed and washed by hand in cool water using a neutral cleaning agent or in a washing net in the washing machine. Fixed padding should be wiped with a damp cloth containing a neutral cleaning agent. After cleaning, all parts should be thoroughly dried out of direct sunlight in order to prevent the development of unpleasant odors.

EPS Liner
The EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner is neither solvent nor heat proof, so the liner must be treated with particular care during cleaning. It should be cleaned using only a damp cloth in order to avoid scratching.

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